Health coach

Rehabilitation Specialist



Exercise is an act of self-care that has benefits beyond just musculoskeletal and cardiovascular physiology – it creates a positive mindset that permeates your whole life. Your choice to exercise is an affirmation to live well, healthy and strong.

I will teach you simple yet powerful principles of movement that will help you achieve all of your physical goals; whether that is becoming more mobile and free of pain, or maximising your sporting performance.

I also work closely with allied health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, myotherapists and podiatrists to create a complete plan for injury prevention and also rehabilitation after injury or illness. If you have an ongoing problem that just isn’t getting better I will help you to get beyond the symptoms to find the cause and begin healing.


From our sessions you will look better and move better, and you will exude an inner glow – the result of making your body your friend rather than your foe.

Isaac Xavier – is a wellbeing coach and trainer, rehabilitation specialist, author and public speaker.

With over 25 years in the wellbeing industry, Isaac has often been recognised as a “trailblazer” in methodology, blending many principles into his own, unique yet hugely successful training programs.

He has a strong following and is a successful international speaker, author and poet sharing his philosophy and principles in training and life.

Isaac believes movement is an act of self-care that has benefits beyond one’s physiology – it creates a positive mindset that permeates your whole life.

Your choice to ‘move, eat and think’ well is an affirmation to live well, healthy and strong.

Isaac is renowned for his ability to bring back your inner glow, confidence and enhance overall wellbeing.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education)
Diploma of NeuroPhysics (Currently completing)
Rehab Trainer certified
FMA Strength and Conditioning Level 1
Effective Movement Training – Personal Training Academy
Kinetic Link Training
TRX Group Trainer

“I like to describe Isaac Xavier as part personal trainer, part spiritual guru.

His approach to training has been fine-tuned following many years working in the rehabilitation space, he is thorough, professional and genuinely wants to change lives.

Isaac will have your back.”

– Martine Harte
Award-winning journalist, Director

“When I first met Isaac neck and back injury meant I struggled with even basic exercise. Week by week he guided me with incredible attention to detail – where my energy levels were at, what movements aggravated my pain, identifying where my weaknesses lay.

He did it without bombarding me or getting under my skin, and he did with a huge sense of humour. Through him I have recaptured the joy of movement and play with my kids, and the victory of living without chronic pain. The simplicity of working with Isaac has changed my life.”

– Erin Harte
Internet software and security guru

“Isaac is an insightful, unique man. He has been working in the industry for a long time, he is very passionate and dedicated to his work.

Isaac lives his ” creed” and he inspires others around him by setting a wonderful example.

I have been working solidly for over 25 years with several genres of exercise and with different trainers and consider myself quite knowledgable but after working with Isaac for over 3 years, he is still taking me on a ” learning curve” as he is constantly upgrading his studies.

He also reviews his clients programs constantly with changes moving the client in when he or she is ready. He guides you to do the very best you can.

Isaac stands for “quality not quantity”. He has been given the gift of wanting to continually learn and is currently studying Neuroscience. He is very informed with nutrition and he also writes.”

You are in good hands with Isaac.

– Ruth Chiodo

“I’ve been a member of the Brighton Baths for almost 5 years and a regular gym-goer, but recently I’d picked up a couple of niggly little injuries and was starting to feel my workout needed some serious shaking up, so I started looking into who I could turn to for help. I approached Isaac after seeing him working with others in the gym and I’ve been training with him for the past three months.

In that time, Isaac has not only completely changed my workout, but my whole understanding and approach to exercise. Isaac pays particular attention to how my body responds to each individual exercise, constantly assessing and adjusting the workout to optimize the effectiveness of each session. He has a seemingly endless repertoire of exercises and routines, so each workout is different and challenging. Isaac’s focus on precision of movement, posture, breathing and cadence has changed the way I work out and I’m seeing results – improving my range of motion and my core strength, two important objectives of mine. Isaac’s knowledge of the physiology of the body and his ability to explain what we’re trying to do with each particular exercise is both valuable and motivating, because I can understand what I’m supposed to do and how that exercise is aligned with my goals.

In addition and probably what I like best is Isaac’s positive energy and engagement – he’s relaxed and really approachable but he’ll expect you to show up ready to work as hard as you can. After three months I feel like we’re just getting started!”

– Steve Castledine
General Manager, adidas Area Pacific

“On seeing Isaac you instantly know he is a very fit and healthy individual. The fact that he is Health Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist comes as no surprise.

On meeting, talking to, and then discovering that he is such a moving poet, makes him an extraordinary individual.

Whether his body informs his mind, or his mind informs his body, the fact is Isaac’s poetry is a rare combination of both.”

– Ellen Komesarook
Athlete and Montessori Educator, USA

“He is nothing short of a miracle worker. Within a few sessions my shoulder injury and other health issue was fixed. Still amazed!”

– Theadora Karas