Life and body hacks that will change your life (and those of others) for the better… permanently

This book combines Isaac Xavier’s three decades working with clients as a Health Coach and MindBody Specialist Personal Trainer.

It is very different from the thousands of other books on health and wellness. It will not ask you to do more. On the contrary, it will sometimes show you that less is more when done correctly.

We all eat, sleep, move, communicate with others, and strive to live a fulfilling existence every day. Isaac will show you how to do all of these better and integrate them into your life seamlessly.

We all have enough to do and do not need another health and fitness thing to add to the list.

There is so much confusing and conflicting information, especially about eating and exercise.

After reading this, you will no longer need to question the right way as your intuition will guide you.

Isaac will present the wisdom of the lost art of Kinesthetic Tradition (all backed by science) to live a longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling life – yes, the Secret to the Fountain of You(th) is inside.

‘Ascent of the Hummingbird’

This is the second book in the Hummingbird series.

The journey this time around is much more intense.

It is a book of poetry and prose that will uplift your emotions and take you on a path of deep inner exploration.

Each piece is a meditation in itself.

Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour (2)

‘It began with a Hummingbird’

a book of Inspirational Soul Poetry and Reflections

“Isaac your book is pure magic! I just read it cover to cover before bed. I cried, I smiled, I was touched beyond words. I wish you so much success, although I know you won’t need it. I cannot wait to share these pages of wisdom with the people I love!”

– Katrina Leavitt
Founder of Rhea Sunshine
Yoga Teacher & Clean Living Consultant

A portion of the profits from the sale of this book is being donated to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. (AU$2500 raised so far)


When I wrote each of the poems and pieces my aim was to have to have a higher meaning. It is not just what I call ‘observational writing’ but invites and often compels the reader to delve deeper and open a door to personal exploration.

A friend asked me to describe my book in one word. That word is ‘CONNECTION’. First helping people connect to their inner beings, and then from this place they can then authentically and confidently connect with others. My book launch (of 140 people) was evidence of this. So many people commented to me what a magical night it was with “So much love in the room.”

I have made videos of me reading the poems as a woman looks directly into camera. One has received 6500 views and two recent ones got 1200 views in a few days. They can be seen on the book Facebook page (4000+ likes): https://www.facebook.com/itbeganwithahummingbird

What people say about ‘It began with a Hummingbird’:

“Isaac Xavier is a unique poet. On seeing Isaac you instantly know he is a very fit and healthy individual. The fact that he is Health Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist comes as no surprise. On meeting, talking to and then discovering  that he is such a moving poet, makes him an extraordinary individual. Whether his body informs his mind, or his mind informs his body, the fact is Isaac’s poetry is a rare combination of both.
 – Ellen Komesarook, Montessori Educator and Triathlete, USA

“Reading Isaac Xavier’s poetry is a mindfulness exercise in itself. When he “looks”, he truly “sees”, whether he’s pondering the joys of love (not a “fall” into love but “an ascent”), enjoying the  “crimson hairdo” of a rambutan or watching a torrential rainstorm pound the sea. He’s “in the moment”. And he takes you, the reader, there with him.”
 – Liz Porter, Award-winning Melbourne journalist, novelist and forensic science writer

“This book takes you on a beautiful and an emotional journey”
– Gaye Newton