Sanctuary Retreat Bali 

Where the World Stops
& You Begin…

Escape the bitterness of winter and join us on a transformational 5 day Balinese Retreat to rediscover yourself and your wellbeing…


Allow us to introduce you to a place where the best version of yourself will emerge….

Rediscover the simple yet forgotten life gems to keep you:

  • Truly Happy
  • fascinated with life (not just work)
  • connected with people and supremely relaxed

This is where life becomes genuinely happy and more fulfilling.

This is a place where…


You will learn how to truly connect. To you, and those around you.

It’s time to plug into ‘you’ and connect on a whole new energising, vitalising level…

You will be swept away from life as you know it…and warmly welcomed into a world of peace, clarity and wellbeing.


Are you ready to…

Reinvigorate your body, mind and soul?

If you said yes…go ahead and answer this short quiz…


Ask yourself…. (1 = not at all 10 = always)

1. In the last 12 months how often have you taken enough time out to look after your wellbeing….I mean….really look after it?

2. Have you been too serious for too long? When did you let go of stress long enough to roll around on the floor laughing?

3. How often do you feel truly present and in deep connection with the person you are talking to (or are you always thinking of the next thing) ?

4. How often do you feel truly happy and content with the way your life is now?

If You Scored Less Than 20...

 It’s time to get away and discover a place “Where The World Stops & You Begin…’

By giving yourself this gift you will tap into who you truly are, what you truly desire with clarity and a calmness you can only achieve away from your busy environment.

During the 5 luxurious days you will discover the simple yet powerful wellbeing principles mastered by your hosts who have spent over 30 years combined learning, discovering and teaching this wisdom…

You will rediscover yourself, reconnect with you and the people around you in a whole new way, learn how to nurture yourself and reveal a youthful vitality in a fun, inspiring way.

‘Sanctuary Retreat’


1st-5th September, 2016
Ayana Resort, Jimbaran, Bali


“What is the meaning of life? Life is not, like music is not.

You don’t play music as fast as possible, to get to the end…”

We have no idea who said this…but it’s really cool, isn’t it 🙂

Here’s What You Will Experience… 


Discover the simple, yet powerful principles of how to move… like a dancer and athlete all in one – strong, balanced – that will give you results that are physical, and so much more… Your posture will say to the world- “I stand strong in my presence.” Your movement will be powerful and graceful… all this done where you will find a renewed joy in movement, where your body will become your friend, not your foe…


Learn how ‘nourishing (aka healthy) food can be simple and delicious’. Realising how easy it is to nourish your body with the food it really needs, you will throw out every diet book you’ve ever owned and begin to eat intuitively knowing this is the way you can happily eat for the rest of your life..




You will get a healthy distance from the demands of your life, then begin to see what truly matters – in relationships, financially and work, and how to put it all together in a workable way to be – not perfect… better – the best version of you…
the person that your were born to be.

What Our Clients Say…

We hear this time and time again from our clients:

“I have learnt more about my body and how to move it (pain free and enjoyable) in one hour with you than I have in the past decade of trainers and classes…”




You will spend the first night in the AYANA Resort, Jimbaran, Bali, relaxing before being the retreat begins..


Day One

We will connect as a group and with our inner selves. Don’t worry, no group therapy here, its about what we each would like to get out of the next 5 day inspirational and transformational time. Once clarity is reached we will embed this mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually into our first movement session which will oscillate between intensely challenging and riotous fun.


Day Two

You will begin the day by rising early to commence your journey into you…but don’t worry…it’s not ‘that’ early!
You will transition into your daily conscious movement session before you enjoy a delicious, nourishing breakfast. Time for some creativity then on to your information session:
The Truth About Nutrients & Super-foods and The Reason What You ‘Think’ Has All The Power….

Lunch, play, then off for an amazing dinner.

Day Three

You will begin the day by rising early to deepen your journey into you. You will transition into your daily conscious movement session before enjoying one of your hosts favourite breakfasts! Time for some creativity then on to your information sessions:
The Reason The Way You Move is Messing With Your Mojo!
Out for a walk in nature then off to ease away the aches and pains with a massage.
We then have a BIG surprise for you tonight… 

Day Four

Start your day peacefully with morning stillness before floating into your daily movement session. You will enjoy another delicious and healthful breakfast, tap into your enhanced creativity then:
Step into the weird and whacky world of hormones:
Why they age you and how to reverse it & gut health…the little known secrets to revving up your metabolism.

This afternoon you are going to tune in to the magic of the ocean…followed by dinner on the beach.

Day Five

Today is the first day of integrating your new practice for yourself…it’s time to consider how you will take this ‘you’ home.

Once again we hone your morning stillness, followed by conscious movement and nourishment.
Following your final creative expression session, you will make powerful decisions about ‘you’, what you have discovered on this journey and how you intend to blend your new awareness and habits into your life at home…

About Your Host…

Isaac Xavier – is a wellbeing coach and trainer, rehabilitation specialist, martial arts specialist and speed skater.

With over 25 years in the wellbeing industry, Isaac has often been recognised as a ‘trailblazer’ in methodology blending many principles into his own, unique yet hugely successful training programs.

He has a strong following and has been a successful international speaker, author and poet sharing his philosophy and principles in training and life.

Isaac believes movement is an act of self-care that has benefits beyond the physiology – it creates a positive mindset that permeates your whole life.

Your choice to ‘move, eat and think’ well is an affirmation to live well, healthy and strong.

Isaac is renowned for his ability to bring back your ‘inner glow’, confidence and enhance overall wellbeing.

Your Invitation

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