The Results Speak For Themselves

Watch and read about what some of my clients have to say!

— Vanessa Vastag

Isaac’s style of neurological and functional training I truly believe has shape-shifted the way I approach training altogether.

By calming the nervous system down, removing strain and tension and really tuning into the movement wholly, absolutely transforms your “workout” to a focused, controlled, empowered state.

Isaac is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate man when it comes to health, understanding the body and educating others. His years of continual learning and study credit his sessions to not only very accurately train the body but focus on re-training the brain neurologically, allowing you simultaneously to truly connect with the emotional body, develop a deeper understanding of how our bodies function from a multifaceted perspective and to strengthen and develop all of these pathways.

After struggling with a great deal of pain from an annular tear, an epidural cortisone shot, followed by months of zero training, recovery, down time, weight gain and just feeling low, the task felt quite daunting to get back into a healthy fitness routine. Isaac has made this transition seamless and each session just feels like a success. The shift has been palpable. I can’t thank him enough for the brilliant support he has given me, making this journey feel absolutely achievable!

Thanks so much Isaac. You rock.

— Dana Berkovits, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

I have been sending my patients to Isaac over the last 10 years. I have found him to be the most knowledgeable and careful Personal Trainer I have come across.

In my work I deal with patients with pathology, which must be respected when they are to perform at the gym. I have always found in Isaac someone who will listen and modify any exercise regime to consider the pathology and ensure the exercises are are effective and the patient is safe.

Isaac is always keen to learn about the injury or condition and is always happy to discuss the progress and the way forward for my patients who become his clients. I have sent him patients over the years with a variety of musculoskeletal complaints, but also some chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, whereby the patient has flare ups which must be managed. Isaac does this easily, keeping the client in the gym with modifications to the program.

I have also experienced Isaac working in a more sporting set up with high level athletes who require a totally different set of parameters. He is able to move from the high level to the more “fragile” rehab patient with ease.

Above all, I have found Isaac to be a very personable, respectful and professional individual in both a work and social context. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Isaac to join a multidisciplinary team, in which he would certainly be an asset and a pleasure.

— Tony Cassis, Neuro Chiropractor

Isaac’s greatest asset is helping people develop confidence in their bodies again when they inherently believe they are broken.

— Steve Castledine

In the time I have been training with Isaac, he has not only completely changed my workout, but my whole understanding and approach to exercise. Isaac pays particular attention to how my body responds to each individual exercise, constantly assessing and adjusting the workout to optimise the effectiveness of each session.

He has a seemingly endless repertoire of exercises and routines, so each workout is different and challenging. Isaac’s focus on precision of movement, posture, breathing and cadence has changed the way I work out and I’m seeing results – improving my range of motion and my core strength, two important objectives of mine. Isaac’s knowledge of the physiology of the body and his ability to explain what we’re trying to do with each particular exercise is both valuable and motivating, because I can understand what I’m supposed to do and how that exercise is aligned with my goals.

In addition and probably what I like best is Isaac’s positive energy and engagement – he’s relaxed and really approachable but he’ll expect you to show up ready to work as hard as you can. After three months I feel like we’re just getting started!

— Ruth Chiodo

Isaac is an insightful, unique man. He has been working in the industry for a long time, he is very passionate and dedicated to his work. Isaac lives his “creed” and he inspires others around him by setting a wonderful example.

I have been working solidly for over 25 years with several genres of exercise and with different trainers and consider myself quite knowledgeable but after working with Isaac for over 3 years, he is still taking me on a ” learning curve” as he is constantly upgrading his studies.

He also reviews his clients programs constantly with changes moving the client in when he or she is ready. He guides you to do the very best you can.

Isaac stands for “quality not quantity”. He has been given the gift of wanting to continually learn and is currently studying Neuroscience. He is very informed with nutrition and he also writes. “You are in good hands with Isaac”.

— Deb Tegoni

I first met Isaac many years ago when I asked for an experienced coach to help me in the gym without causing injury (I had had some less than positive experiences with gym trainers in the past). I was assured Isaac was different and I would be in safe hands and, that was the truth! I trained with him regularly for years, alone and then with a friend.
Eventually, I found I could apply the skills he taught me, so I needed him less frequently – the true sign of an expert and empowering coach. I would call him then when I needed more education and guidance and when my daughter expressed interest in learning about how to safely navigate the gym, it was of course Isaac I called. He trained my adult daughter and I together and he made that fun and engaging (she also is a huge Isaac fan!).

Isaac has helped me solve a persistent and debilitating shoulder/trap pain which I can say is gone for good. He is thoughtful, kind, trustworthy, funny and wholistic in his approach. He has a wealth of varied expertise that he draws on in almost magical ways (I called him Ninja for this!) to help his clients. He seeks to understand the root cause of physical ailments and help his clients see the interconnectedness of the mind and body and solve for the whole self. His passion for neuroscience and the biomechanics of the body infected me and supported me.
I can truly say that Isaac is the BEST exercise coach I have ever, and probably will ever, have.

— Dr. Eifion Thomas

Isaac Xavier is an amazing personal trainer. Not only that, he is an amazing person who cares about your physical wellbeing and also your wellbeing in general.

At the age of 72 I had a total knee replacement. For the months leading up to the operation Isaac charted out a training regime under his supervision which made my recovery a short one. After the operation, when I was able to get back to the gym, Isaac again gave me a training regime to help me play golf again only a few months afterwards.

Isaac is a caring person in all ways. I recommend anyone to have Isaac a their personal trainer. Thank you Isaac.

— Fiona McKnight

I have been supported and coached by Isaac for the past 11 years. He is by far one of the most kindest and caring humans anyone will ever endeavor on their journey of life, once you have invited him onto your journey you will never look back, and he will be there every step of the way.

He has always held me accountable and guided me through what I have faced with love and compassion. I entrust all my faith into Isaac as he has helped me be the best version of myself and overcome many of challenges. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had not of found him. Thank you Isaac for all you do, you truly are a rare treasure :).

— Fiona Mahony

I trained with Isaac all through 2020 in Melbourne. When the gyms closed we trained in a park, when we weren’t allowed to do that any longer we trained over zoom. Isaac helped me to stay positive and healthy and fit through the longest Covid lockdown in the world. He is not only an extremely knowledgeable trainer who will keep you safe as you get stronger, he is also one of the most delightful, funny, kind people I know! I miss my training with him – it was a special time.

— Christina Olsen

Isaac helped me with vestibular balancing issues as well as overall strength build-up. Not only was he able to provide a lot of useful information and expertise regarding my issues but the training and exercises were fun and I quickly saw positive results from the work I did with him.

I would absolutely work with Isaac again and highly recommend him.

— Neil Williams

Isaac was meticulous in every aspect of my fitness program, ensuring I was both physically and mentally prepared. He listened carefully to my goals first of all and created a program specifically for my needs. His passion and knowledge for health, fitness and nutrition is outstanding.

Highly recommend.

— John Toomey

I have known Isaac for nearly 40 years and have watched his growth and professional development over a long period. Being a Professional in the Exercise Science and High Performance field myself, I know when someone in the field is good at what they do. Isaac is Brilliant. On top of that, his care runs to the depth of his being.

Engaging Isaac as your personal guide to help you progress toward your goals is a smart decision and an investment in your wellbeing.

— Cynthia Bartolo

Isaac helped me to overcome my chronic back pain from a ruptured disc which set me on a path to improve my overall health and well-being. Physical training was only part of the process, with his words of inspiration and encouragement playing a major role in my recovery.

I highly recommend Isaac as a personal trainer, a rehabilitation specialist, a motivator and writer. A very special man indeed.

— Michelle Churchouse

I started personal training with Isaac 6 months ago and am so pleased with the changes . I have lost weight and feel a lot stronger and am more toned . Isaac has taught me the importance of good posture and slow steady training and breathing to achieve these results. I enjoy and appreciate delicious meals and also my mindset has really changed too after reading his books.

I am looking forward to continuing on this journey . I am very grateful that I have someone I can trust with my health fitness and wellbeing

Isaac Xavier - Hummingbird

Wellbeing coach Isaac Xavier became aware of the importance of health and fitness when, at the age of 10, he plunged 10m down a cliff face and spent two weeks in hospital.

Read more about his journey to become a transformational Health Coach, MindBody Specialist Trainer and Writer.